Explanation of NGL/Challenge Tour-rankings and conditions for next year!

Those of you who have been following me this year know this season has been a pretty good one so far 🙏

I’m currently ranked 8th on the Nordic Golf League order of merit and 113th on the Challenge Tour rankings. A lot of you have asked what this means for next year, where will I be playing in 2023? The answer is ”I don’t know…yet!” But I’m going to try to explain the conditions for next year.

There are 3 different ways to get to the Challenge Tour:

  1. Finishing top-6 on the NGL rankings. I’m currently ranked 8th with 3 events remaining.
  2. Making the cut at the Final stage of the DP World Tour Q-School. I’m playing the 2nd stage on the 3-6th of  November. About 20% of that field will go through to the Final stage the following week.
  3. Win 3 events on the NGL the same year, which means I need to win all 3 remaining events to fulfill this criteria.

How to go directly on to the DP World Tour:

  1. Finishing top-20 at the Final stage DP World Tour Q-school.

I also have a few chances to get partial status on the Challenge Tour next year (this might give me a couple of starts next season):

  1. Finishing top-120 on the Challenge Tour rankings (I’m currently 113th). They also have 3 events remaining but I’m not playing in any of them so I just have to keep my fingers crossed that I stay inside that number.
  2. Missing the cut at the Final stage DP World Tour Q-school
  3. Finishing 7-11th on the NGL rankings

Yep, this is a bit confusing but hopefully this help to make things a least a little bit clearer 😉

Nordic Golf League Ranking

Challenge Tour Ranking